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Balikpapan as gateway to East Kalimantan which is the location of Universitas Balikpapan.It is very suitable and ideal in the development of Higher Education, with the number of population around six hundred thousand people, University is needed to accommodate and improve the quality of community education. To see this condition, soUniversitasBalikpapan was formally established on July 1, 1981, pursuant to the Decree of General Council Foundation Dharma Wirawan East Kalimantan number : Kep.03/TDW/08/81 issued in Jakarta on August 1, 1981.

Along with its development, currently Universitas Balikpapan has 6 (six) faculties, 1 (one) Diploma Program and 1 (one) Master Degree, consist of 14 majors, They are Faculty of : Law, Economics, Technic Industry (Machine and Electro), Civil Engineering and Planning , FKIP (Faculty of Teacher training and education), Faculty of English Literature, D4K3 (Occupational Safety and Health Diploma), Faculty of Law Post graduate, with the number of students body are approximately 6.000 (six million). Balikpapan as a city that is rich with natural resources and a high economic growth, approximately 7% per year, the demands on the quality of education, particularly higher education is very high. Therefore Universitas Balikpapan in improving its human resources, always do sustainable improvement through the development of science and research.

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