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Profile Mata Enggang Institute (MEI) is an intellectual movement focusing on research and development initiated by observers and young journalists in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

The institute has organized a wide range of activities since 2007, and it became an official part of Mata Enggang (ME) on September 7, 2011.

In the beginning, MEI activists carried out research on local wisdom, which broadened to other areas such as ethnopolicy, ethnoechology and border issues between West Kalimantan with Sarawak, Malaysia.

The institute also expanded its network of information to the locals through ME.The programs supported enrichment of society, as well as carrying out training in research and writing, publication of scientific papers such as journals and books that are accessible by the community as well as policy makers.

At present, MEI is made up of four senior observers holding Doctorates in (Anthropology, Ethnolingustic, Sociology and Law), three researchers with Masters and four senior reporters of West Kalimantan.

In carrying out its programs, MEI has collaborated with various donor agencies locally and abroad. These include universities in West Kalimantan and Sarawak, Malaysia.

MEI has also cooperated with researchers from Narmac Institute, YPPN, Borneo Bloggers Community, Tribune Institute, Borneo Tribune, Borneo Research Institute (BRI) and others.

The strength of the institute lies in its collaborative strategy, a combination of disciplines (science) and journalism. This is where researchers and journalists at MEI work hand-in-hand to apply the results of their research to aid in daily lives’ of the community.

They are experienced in applying the research and journalism for empowerment community-based in west kalimantan.

Studies that have been carried out are as follows:

• study Hegemony ethnic group in West Kalimantan
• Agroforestry And Community-Based Forest Management
• Dayak Salako (Study case Lundu, Sarawak and Sasak- West Kalimantan)
• study on motifs and symbols of woven cloth by Dayak communities in West Kalimantan
• study literary speech of the Iban community in West Kalimantan
• study of sociology of communities in and around the forests in the region bordering West Kalimantan with Sarawak, Malaysia
• Traditional Religious Dayak Salako with Environment
• study about the model regional development Indonesia - Malaysia border in West Kalimantan
• study on the income budget analysis and local expenditures for the sector and the Environment and Forestry sectors in three districts in West Kalimantan
• Loncek Baguas

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