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22,016 enrolled students
9 Faculties
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Universitas Tanjungpura (internationally known as Tanjungpura University) was established on 20 May 1959 under the name of Universitas Daya Nasional. At the beginning, Universitas Daya Nasional was established as a private university by Yayasan Perguruan Tinggi Daya Nasional, then based on The Decree of the Minister of PTIP No. 53 of 1963, 16 May 1963, it later be nationalized into Universitas Negeri Pontianak.

In accordance with the political and the state condition in 1965, then the university renamed into Universitas Dwikora on 14 September 1965. Furthermore, with the Presidential decree No. 171 of 1961, 15 August 1967, the name permanently changed into UniversitasTanjungpura, which is used until now.

Since 1959, Universitas Tanjungpura keep gaining its quality with adding more major and also developing its programs. In the early of 2014, UniversitasTanjungpura has 9 faculties with the highest program is postgraduate program. The nine faculties are Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, and Faculty of Medicine.

In those faculties Universitas Tanjungpura has 6 diploma programs, 62 undergradute programs, 21 graduate programs, 2 postgraduate programs, and 3 profession programs.

UniversitasTanjungpura primary focus is initially on wetland and tropical peat research to develop the potency of West Kalimantan region. Furthermore, there are four research areas stated in the University research Planning Book such as (1) dry land, wet land and tropical pert land, (2) Spatial and Border study, (3) energy, and (4) ethnic and biodiversity. Meanwhile the national research and development issue specifically in Kalimantan, where the university located, Energi and Mining is the focus. As living in tropical area, where the Pontianak City passed through by the equator line, topical diseases and medicine are also the further additional focus for the university. The number of student body each year is arround 22 thousands. Until 2013, Universitas Tanjungpura has about 22,016 students enrolled.

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