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Islamic University of Kalimantan (UNISKA) Muhammad Arsyad Al-Banjary Banjarmasin (MAB) is one of the private universities in South Kalimantan Provence. Brief history of UNISKA inspired by the idea of K.H. Zafri Zamzam 1961 in South Kalimantan. Islamic Antasari University (UNISAN) which has branches in almost all regencies / cities in South Kalimantan. At the time UNISAN was the only private university in this area. Lasted for about 3 years, in 1964 the official of UNISAN served as IAIN Sunan Kalijaga has branch in Banjarmasin called IAIN Antasari and lead by KH Zafri Zamzam.

Later, in seminar of South Kalimantan history which took place in Banjarmasin on 23 to 25 September 1973 and on 8 to 10 April 1976, all participants recommended establishing university that take the name of the scholars Sheikh Muhammad Al Arsyad -Banjary as the embodiment of his desire that never stops running and spread broadcast in the religion of Islam, so that with the establishment of university that includes the name of the fight he expected and hoped can be realized in South Kalimantan.

The idea was followed-up of two people desire they were KH Zafri Zamzam (Rector of Antasari) and Prof. Anwari Dilmy (Rector of the University of Lambung Mangkurat). The idea was also the wishes of Kalimantan citizens who live in Jakarta. Finally, in 1981 foundation established the Islamic University of Kalimantan Muhammad Arsyad Al- Banjary by the Notary 6 Date July 7, 1981 with the recommendation of the Head of Education Office of South Kalimantan Province, pioneered the establishment of UNISKA in the academic year 1981/1982 , precisely on July 14, 1981 at the start, it open two academies, namely:

  1. 1. Academy of Publication with 125 new students, the official opening by the Governor of SouthKalimantan.
  2. 2 Foreign Language Academy with 125 new students, the inauguration of its opening by the Head of the Dept. of Education South Kalimantan.

In the years 1982-1983 both Academies status changed namely:

  1. 1. 1. Academy of Publication become Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social), Department of Communication, Journalism Studies Program, Department of Administration and the State Administration Studies Program.
  2. 2 .Foreign Language Academy became the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, majoring in Language and English Language Studies Arts, and the Department of Education with Psychology Studies Program Education and Guidance. Along with the establishment of both faculties, UNISKA also established two new faculties: Faculty of Economics, Department of Management, Company Management Study Program, and the Faculty of Agriculture with Animal Husbandry Department of Animal Production Studies Program.

Registered status has been received in the Ministry of Education and Culture No. 070 / O / 1985 February 18, 1985 and updated by desicison letter of Minister of education No. 0395 / O / 1986 May 23, 1986. The registered status of private universities is a manifestation of confidence in the management of the Government to UNISKA Higher Education Coordinating Kopertis under VII Surabaya, and continued in 1990 under the coordination Kopertis XI Borneo in Banjarmasin. Then in 1993 established a School of the Faculty of Shariah Department of Religion and Jinayat Muamalat, which in 1993 get on the Status of Religious Affairs Registered with SK Menag. RI # 382 dated December 28, 1993, under Islamic Higher Education Coordinating Private (Kopertais Region XI) Borneo in Banjarmasin. In 1988 there has been a change in the name of the Faculty of Syariah Muamalat jinayat Uniska courses in accordance with the decree. Director General of Islamic Institutions Guidance No.E / 163/1998 on the status of enrolled into the study programs of the Faculty of Islamic Muamalat and since 2014 it changed again to the Faculty of Islamic Studies.

In 1993 the government gave awards to UNISKA by increasing the status from "Registered" to "Recognized" for the past four Faculties: Faculty of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Economic and Faculty of Agriculture. It proved by desicion letter of the Director General of Higher Education Department of Education Decree No. 625 / Higher Education / Kep / 1993 dated 23 ulty Nove/mber 1993. After that, in 1995 UNISKA also established an exact Faculty namely Faculty of Engineering at the program of Mechanical Engineering courses (D. III) based on desicion letter of the Director General of Higher Education No. 289 / Higher Education / Kep / 1998 dated August 14, 1998 about the status of Registered.

Since the academic year 1998/1999 UNISKA has had 6 faculties with 8 study programs. As consequency of the quality of college graduates and refers to various laws and regulations, the entire program of study submitted to the Accreditation National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT). The entire proposed study program has had good ratings and Self Accredited.

In 2003 based on the Strategic Plan,UNISKA then established a new faculty of exact sciences namely the Faculty of Public Health (FKM) with the Public Health Study Program. The implementation is based on Letter of the Ministry of National Education Directorate General of Higher Education number: 2284 / D / T / 2003 dated 5 September 2003.

Furthermore, based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education No. 1063 / D / T / 2008 dated 23 April 2008 on License to Operate New Study Programs at Islamic University of Kalimantan Muhammad Arsyad Al Banjary Banjarmasin, where UNISKA granted permission to conduct the study program Agribusiness its new S1 by Decree No. 4024 / D / T / K-XI / 2010 dated October 18, 2010 and the Faculty of Law Legal Studies with a concentration S1 by decree No. 4025 / D / T / K-XI / 2010 dated October 18, 2010 as well as S .1 Studies Program Information by Decree No. 4808 / D / T / K-XI / 2010 dated December 10, 2010 and then on October 22, 2009 re UNISKA granted a license to provide Islamic Economic Studies Program by virtue of a license from the Directorate General of Higher Education No. : / 614/2009 and Chemistry Study Program in accordance with Decree No. Kepmendiknas 204 / E / O / 2011 dated 21/09/2011.

Furthermore, based on the Development Master Plan, on February 9, 2009, UNISKA has been given a license by the Director General of Higher Education License No.: 165 / D / T / 2009 and Master of Management (MM ) with SK. 380 / E / U / 2012 to establish Graduate Program (S.2) namely Communication Studies.

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