Research Clusters

Social Science: It conducts research in a variety of areas, bringing insight of Borneo to the topics including history, sociology, langunge & culture, political science, psycology, antrhopology, etc.

Biodiversity: Research focuses on the diversity of plants, animals and other life forms in the spectrum of biological habitats represented in Borneo is varied and comprises many unique features.

Environment & Climate Change: The main purpose of research in this centre explores climate change, climate system, weather, greenhouse effects, and any major environmental problem in Borneo.

Migration & Human Security: It draws on research from the migration development nexus and the impacts of migration processes and policies.

Creative Industry: Focusing on research and development cover various sphere of culture and creativity such as media, communication, Fashion, journalism, content development, movie animation, multimedia development, etc.

Energy: Covering various aspects of research of Energy including: Solar Energy; Wind Energy; Energy derived from Bio-Mass; Generation and Utilisation of Energy; Materials in Energy and a range of others.

Geology: The research of the earth's formation, seismology, and hydrology.

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